COLYAER SL (Construcciones Ligeras y Aeronáuticas) has been working for more than 20 years in the field of light aviation.
We are specialized in the design and production of light aircraft with top quality technology and innovation, and we have gained great experience in the design, production and certification of our different products.

All our aircraft are designed for fully composite construction with high parts interchangeability across the models, achieved through a focus on CAD/CAM design and jigged construction and assembly.

It all begins with the design of the Martin3 S100 in composite materials, which became a reality in 1998 when it was certified as ULM by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authorities (DGAC) in 2005. Then, we carried out the adaptation of the aircraft to the aquatic environment with the design and production of the seaplane Gannet S – 100, which obtained the performances that was expected since the beginning. Shortly after this, we developed the amphibious aircraft Freedom S100, an aircraft that will allows you to enjoy an incredible sense of FREEDOM. Its large cockpit provides great visibility to the pilot and co-pilot, making it perfectly suitable for surveillance, leisure, aerial photography, sport aviation, etc.

In February 2006 the first tests were performed and, after 2000 flight test hours, we achieved the Freedom, a highly competitive composite aircraft with rust free 316 Stainless steel fittings and fastenings, with exceptional performance in its category and class leading durability.
The Freedom S100 has obtained the certification by the Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA) in the United States for the S-LSA category in November 2006, and it has also been certified in Australia.

The Colyaer aircraft are currently flying in Europe and across the world in countries like USA, China, Finland, Australia, and of course in our home country Spain.

The Colyaer corporative culture is based on responsibility, absolute confidence in people, teamwork, communication and a main goal: Excellence in order to achieve the best product for our customers.

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