Martin 3 S100

The aircraft Martin 3 S100 is a double seat with a high wing, pusher propeller, with a conventional T-tail and tricycle landing gear with nose wheel.

Its highly resistant structure (+6g / -4g) composed of composite materials (Carbon, Nomex, Kevlar, etc.) makes the aircraft corrosion free.

The landing gear is designed to function even in adverse runway conditions. Its carbon and glass crossbow combine optimum longitudinal flexibility with sufficient rigidity to absorb braking force.

The T-tail ensures high aerodynamic performances and smooth maneuverability, whereas the trim tab ensures stability and the desired cruise speed can be easily selected with a simple switch on the control panel.

The 12,4m wingspan of the Martin 3 model and the tapered wing and the NACA 643-618 high performances profile allow the aircraft to reach a 23:1 glide ratio, enabling thermal flights with the engine off.

Large flaps, which are operated electronically from the control panel, allow you to select angles from 0 º at 180 km/h cruise to +50º for landing on short runways where a great aerodynamic braking effect is needed.

The Martin3 has a large cockpit with dual controls, providing an excellent visibility both on land and flying.

There is a 40 liters fuel tank and two optional tanks in the wings which allow the Martin3 more than 1000 Km range.

The Martin3 is the perfect choice for pilots who are looking for a low maintenance light aircraft with a capacity to fly comfortably at speeds up to 180 km/h. The Martin 3 is the ideal plane for pilot schools, surveillance, aerial photography and enjoyment.

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